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Can we deny the possibility that there is a UFO base in Hokkaido?  

It’s been a week since the London Olympics ended on August 12.  In Japan, many of the games were
broadcast late at night, so many people must have been watching the games while rubbing their eyes
sleepily. However, there was a lot of talk about the Olympics apart from the competitions. A mysterious
flying object that looked like a UFO was seen in the video of the opening ceremony. Overseas, it was said that “aliens must have wanted to see the Olympics,” but such UFO disturbances are actually not that unusual. Shinichiro Namiki, a writer and UFO researcher, points out that in the age of the Internet, the world has become flooded with footage of UFO sightings.
Some of them are very detailed and elaborate. If they were real, the world would be turned upside
down. No matter how elaborate the CG is, it’s still just a computer-generated fantasy.

In the past, UFO incidents that made headlines around the world always had a story behind them that
was actually experienced by humans. In the past, UFO incidents that have made headlines around the
world have always had a story behind them that people actually experienced.

In Japan, about 30 years ago, an incident occurred in a small fishing port called Otobe Town on the
Toshima Peninsula, facing the Sea of Japan in Hokkaido. Mysterious flying objects were regularly seen
between 5:00 and 9:00 in the evening. It became a rumor because it continued almost every day, and
not only the townspeople but also the residents of the neighborhood came to watch and witness the
UFO. There were two or three of them.

The story of Otobe Town did not end there.

Mr. Katsuyuki Kaneko, a farmer, was the first UFO witness in the town. The following year, he went to
the hospital to take X-rays to drain water from his knee. The next year, he went to the hospital for an Xray to drain water from his knee. He had no idea what it was. He confided this to me, who happened to
be there for an interview. I thought it might have been an “implant,” a foreign object abducted by aliens
and implanted in his body. It is only a guess, but it is a characteristic of abductees that they have no
memory at all.

Anyway, why are UFOs in Otobe Town ……? According to Mr. Namiki, Hokkaido has always been a place
where UFO sightings are very common.
There is no denying the possibility that there is a UFO base in Hokkaido.
If Tokyo is chosen to host the 2020 Olympics, will there be many UFOs flying in from Hokkaido?

(Reporting and writing by this magazine’s paranormal investigation team)


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